Professor H. L. Bray
                Theses Supervised

My former Ph.D. students are listed on my mathematics genealogy web page.  My current students are listed on my Duke math department web page.

Ph.D. Theses

2017, Henri Roesch, "Proof of a Null Penrose Conjecture Using a New Quasi-local Mass"

2015, Andrew S. Goetz, "The Einstein-Klein-Gordon Equations, Wave Dark Matter, and the Tully-Fisher Relation"

2014, Hangjun Xu, "Uniformly Area Expanding Flows in Spacetimes"

2013, Alan R. Parry, "Wave Dark Matter and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies"

2011, Graham Cox, "Scalar Curvature Rigidity Theorems for the Upper Hemisphere"

2011, Mau-Kwong George Lam, "The Graph Cases of the Riemannian Positive Mass and Penrose Inequalities in All Dimensions"

2010, Jeffrey L. Jauregui, "Mass Estimates, Conformal Techniques, and Singularities in General Relativity"

2007, Nicholas P. Robbins, "Negative Point Mass Singularities in General Relativity"

Senior Theses

2019, Zhenhua Liu, "Stationary One-Sided Area-Minimizing Hypersurfaces with Isolated Singularities"

2018, Feng Gui, "On Calibrations for Area Minimizing Cones"

2014, Daniel Stern, "Low-Order Geometric Actions with Fields a Metric and a Matter Field of Arbitrary Rank"

2013, James M. Mallernee, "A Strategy and Honesty Based Comparison of Preferential Ballot Voting Methods"

2011, Maksim A. Tabachnik, "Strategy and Effectiveness: An Analysis of Preferential Ballot Voting Methods" (Also see his presentation.)

2009, Barry Wright III, "Objective Measures of Preferential Ballot Voting Systems"