Math 190:
Game Theory and Democracy

Summer Term 2, July 9 - August 1, 2019
Physics 235, Monday through Friday, 2:00 - 4:05 p.m.

Professor Hubert Bray                     
189 Physics Building                             (919)757-8428 (mobile)
Office Hours: after class, upon request
TA: Sam Lester,

Syllabus and Course Information

For Wednesday, July 10

Watch these videos:
1.01 Types of Ballots in Elections
1.02 Who Wins a Preferential Ballot Election
1.03 Plurality and Instant Runoff Voting

For Thursday, July 11

Watch these videos:
1.04 The Unit Interval Model
1.05 Instant Runoff Voting is NOT Monotone
1.06 The Margin of Victory Matrix

For Friday, July 12

Watch these videos:
1.07 The Borda Count
1.08 The Borda Count is NOT Clone Invariant
1.09 The Borda Count and Nuclear War

For Monday, July 15

Papers and presentations due.

For Tuesday, July 16

Watch these videos:
1.10 Instant Runoff Borda is Condorcet
1.11 Instant Runoff Borda and the Unit Interval Model
1.12 The Game Theory of Condorcet Methods

For Wednesday, July 17

Watch these videos:
1.13 Worst Defeat
1.14 The Schulze Method
1.15 Ranked Pairs

For Thursday, July 18

Watch these videos:
1.16 Comparison of Vote Counting Methods that use the Margin of Victory Matrix
1.17 What is Democracy?

For Friday, July 19

Watch these videos:
2.01 The Kelly Criterion: Triple or Nothing
2.02 The Kelly Criterion: Quadruple or Nothing
2.03 The Kelly Criterion - The 0-1-2-3 Game
2.04 The Gambler's Ruin

For Monday, July 22

Papers and presentations due.

For Monday, July 29

Papers and presentations due.