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Special thanks to Devon Henry and Stephen Toback of Duke University's Academic Media Services in the Office of Information Technology for helping me create this video series.

"Matter curves spacetime" is my nomination for the most content expressible in three words or less. What is matter? I'm not sure anyone really knows. What is spacetime? Check out my video series on special relativity. What is curvature? Take a graduate level mathematics course on differential geometry. Or you can just watch these videos for my quick take on the "happiest thought" of Einstein's life and the best idea by any human so far on the true nature of gravity. Amazingly, general relativity describes gravity as accurately as can be measured and predicted the Big Bang, black holes, and gravitational waves, years and decades before they were observed. Enjoy!

4.01 - Intro to General Relativity
4.02 - The Geometry of Black Holes