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                        Special Relativity
Special thanks to Devon Henry and Stephen Toback of Duke University's Academic Media Services in the Office of Information Technology for helping me create this video series on special relativity.

Special relativity is the geometry that results from putting a minus sign in the rule of Pythagoras. Everything else comes from this novel idea. This video series is from this geometric perspective, originally due to Einstein's math professor Minkowski.

From a physical perspective, special relativity is Einstein's paradigm shifting idea that unifies space and time into one concept: spacetime. This idea, with all it's nuance, is an essential precursor to general relativity.

3.01 - The Rule of Pythagoras
3.02 - Rotations and the Dot Product
3.03 - Gauss's Geometry and Special Relativity
3.04 - Special Relativity is a Minus Sign in the Rule of Pythagoras
3.05 - The Light Cone
3.06 - The Universality of the Speed of Light
3.07 - World Lines and the Twin Paradox
3.08 - Boosts are Rotations in Space and Time
3.09 - How Velocities Add - Part 1
3.10 - How Velocities Add - Part 2
3.11 - How Lengths Contract
3.12 - The Train in the Tunnel Paradox
3.13 - De Sitter Space - The Spacetime Unit Sphere of Special Relativity
3.14 - Hyperbolic Space - The Spacelike Unit Sphere of Special Relativity
3.15 - Time Travel and Alien Abduction